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Top 5 MCU Movies

Hello. First real post is a list. Is this Buzzfeed?

Thought I’d make a list of my top 5 MCU fanflicks- I mean movies. Enjoy maybe?

P.S. Why 5? Marvel hasn’t made enough (good) movies. Not my fault, obviously.

#5: Iron Man


I will refer back to this later, but there was a time long ago when Marvel movies had heart. They weren’t afraid of screwing up. They prioritized making movies that were good over making movies that did good. For all of it’s faults, Iron Man is the first example on this list of Marvel sporadic daring nature. It isn’t a straight adaptation of the comic (there isn’t much that annoys me more), and it is carried almost single-handedly by the Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as the inimitable Tony Stark. As he has become so ubiquitous in the MCU to be considered almost stale at this point, it is nice to know that the moments where he shines even now are due to his quirky and fun portrayal in the first film.

#4: The Avengers


By all accounts, a dumb movie. Loki shows up, has an army of dudes. Hypnotizes allies. Does some stuff. Loses. City in rubble. Roll credits. It was the first attempt to toss the A-team together and see what worked. The film rode on the chemistry between its cast and the great writing, along with the ensemble cast performance. That being said, it’s not a smart, unique or deep movie. But it is what many Marvel movies have tried to be and have failed to be. Entertaining.

#3: Captain America: Winter Soldier


Upon reflection, the plot of this movie makes absolutely no sense, the writers and directors had no clue about pacing and there was little to no logic when it came to introducing plot twists or characters. Fury is in a car, then he dies, then he is hiding under a dam. Das koo. Government corrupted by Hydra AI, kills Kennedy and probably brought back the McRib. Das koo. That guy we saw at the beginning who works for the VA is actually Captain America 2.0? Sick, sure. We didn’t have enough characters to worry about, but whatever. Bucky is alive? Wait, who’s Bucky again?

When you don’t have time to build dramatic tension, nothing you do will seem as impactful as it should, it’s like playing the piano off the beat. Everything hits a dead note and the movie ends up being bleak.

Wait, this is #3? What the hell? I’ve only been dissing this movie.

Uh, I thought the bleak tone was actually kinda cool. I was surprised to see a Marvel movie where the resolution was that everyone was screwed and the world is controlled by the wrong side. Thought that was neat. So yeah, whoops.

P.S. Just make this entry Civil War, and imagine I said that the only good parts were Spider-man and Black Panther. There you go.

#2: Ant Man


In the slew of movies they’ve made, they’ve only gone this route twice. A gutless guy who’s been gutless for a long time is asked to save the world and he has just enough guts to do so. In this movie, that gutless man has just enough guts to want to make his daughter proud. With that simple emotional drive, this movie quirks it’s way into my heart. Its fun, it cheery, Michael Pena’s long diatribes are perfect and it has friggin’ T.I. T.I.? What? Why? Where you at dough? Even Michael Douglas goes all out to make this movie both fun and heart-warming.

While it goes for the cliches, it never tries to advertise itself as being to emotionally complicated or complex to be above that, so it’s okay. The problem that the other Marvel movies have is that they put out the image that they are really complex, in-depth character portraits and then they STILL go for the cliche. Stop. Stop trying to be something you are not Marvel. Entries #2 and #1 should go to show that you know how to do it right. Even Avengers, for all of it’s idiocy, was a fun movie to watch. That is what you should stick to. Avengers: Age of Ultron was a sad, sad mistake. You fixed up a lot of Civil War, but the best parts were when it got simple. When it got to Spider-man’s simple intentions to just be good despite being amazing (“When you do nothing, and then the bad things happen, then it’s your fault.”), or Black Panthers internal turmoil (“I will not let revenge get the best of me.”), that is when the movie, and more importantly the characters, were most believable. A hero who is just a kid, or a kid who just lost his father. Nothing special, just simple. Keep it 100 and you’ll do fine Marvel.

#1: Guardians of the Galaxy


I’ll keep this short. If you haven’t seen this, you are doing yourself a disservice. You don’t need to like Marvel. In fact, it helps to know nothing about Marvel. Then you might be able to enjoy it without the lingering worry that eventually Marvel might ruin these guys with a tie-in.

Oh yeah, I’m keeping it short. Done.

Alright, that’s all. Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

P.S. That’s how I’m ending all posts. Get used to it please.


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