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RWBY Vol. 1 Soundtrack Review

What a nerd.

How do “review”? I dunno. I’ll just talk about my favorite songs from the soundtrack. Sounds good to me.

In the first volume, we saw this gutsy little show try its best to not look under-produced, independent or patchwork. It took the premise of a girls show about girls going to school and, through the powers of lore and myth, shaped it into a show about fighting and weapons and magic and stuff. Using dark set pieces and fluid battle sequences, Rooster Teeth was able to pull together a good first effort with hopes to move into bigger and better things. The music did its part. Thus, this “review”.


#1. This Will Be the Day

Opening theme. This song helped to open my eyes a bit when it came to this show. For all of its posing as an anime-wannabe (not sure why you would want to be an anime, pretty garbage rep tbh), RWBY really wants to be taken seriously for what it is actually doing, not what people think it should do. Using hard, grimy electric guitar with wailing lyrics, Williams pulled together a cool little opening that did a lot to help put a seed in the minds of the viewers that this show may just have a tad more darkness than the premise or art would make you believe.

#2. From Shadows

I will make this quick. This is the only trailer I liked. People I know don’t like it. They liked all the other ones. I don’t care. I like story and character tension. When you can put that into a trailer, you’ve got me. Next.

#3. Gold

I like music. All music. It doesn’t take much for me to like a piece of music. In fact, it could be a single musical thing that occurs in the piece. That’s all I need. If that thing is really good in my mind, I will like the song a lot. For “Gold”, what does it for me is the transition from the main part of the chorus to the coda of the chorus. That moderate/slight key change. That’s it. That does it for me. Kinda neat though.

#4. I May Fall

You know that thing I was saying about “Gold”? That times 100 for “I May Fall”. Always resolving to a minor key after each refrain, key and time signature changes, rhythm controlled by a regulated drum beat. There is just a great sense of musical control, while maintaining a constant theme of hopelessness. This song does so much to create a serious atmosphere, just by hinting that things are not always what they seem and the typical resolution isn’t always going to happen. Which is good. Right?

#5. Red Like Roses Part II

The theme continues. Fast beats continue in a minor key, rapid key changes catch my ear and it happens to back one of the coolest fight scenes in the show. The music of this show does its job, and it does it well. It supports, envelopes the scenes it needs to, and it helps create the desired atmosphere.

Okay, can I be done now? Yeah, that’s all. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

P.S. Shout-outs and thanks to RT4C for allowing me to embed his vids. I would also like to shout-out Jeff Williams and Rooster Teeth for allowing them to stay up. It says a lot when they are willing to allow it to go to Youtube or some other service so that people can listen to the music and then judge whether they want to support the original creators. It shows that they really understand what kind of exposure they are able to get through platforms like Youtube. It also shows that they trust their viewer base to support them because they know that people who enjoy it and appreciate it are going to support it to keep it coming (or at least that’s the hope). It’s cool to see people have trust/hope/blind faith like that. I hope people will reciprocate the goodwill, ’cause that’s what that model relies on. I know I’ve done my part (bought ’em all, gawd dangit!)

P.P.S. So, I’m going to do this thing where I end all posts with: a) some stupid picture and b) a song that I liked that I found recently. So here we go.

Credits: Onsta @OnstaMonsta


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