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Favorite Fighting Game Characters Part 1: USF4

I am a poor flamingo.

I like fighting games. I like characters. Wow, connections.

I’m too poor to get SF5 (but I want it so bad). Tourney’s be hype bro. My substitute is USF4. That being said, I’m not very good at Street Fighter, or fighting games in general. I do like them though, so I’ll right about ’em. Sound good?

In this series of posts (because there will be more, I promise), I will highlight the characters who I found the most interesting for one reason or another. It could be design, movement, moves, visuals, their name, they hair, their alternates, their sfx, whatever. They don’t even have to be good (in fact, sometimes that’s the reason I like them). So let’s get started with a dead- I mean, established game, Ultra Street Fighter 4.

#1. Guy


Oooo, big surprises right out the gate. Guy is a straight-laced, honor-bound ninja in the cut scenes, and his move set reflects that. He is just very… normal, and to the stereotypical character. One of his moves is just called “Run” for gosh sakes (forward quart-circle + boot). Don’t believe me?


See? His other moves are all “Bunshin”-this and “Ninja”-that. Very much what you would expect if you were only told, “Hey this ‘Guy’ is a ninja.” Heh, see what I did there? His name is Guy so… whatever.

So why do I like him? It’s because he’s ordinary that I find him endearing. No gimmicks. Nothing crazy. He isn’t an oil-soaked wrestler or an assassin with eye transplant that can tell what corner of the room has the most luck. Like, what the heck does “Feng-Shui Engine” even mean? Can she move furniture REEEEALLLY fast when she sees that the couch is not in alignment with the North Pole?

The point is that this guy is unlike almost every other character in this cast because he’s just a plain, old-school ninja. Which is cool. Ninjas are actually cool. Remember a time before Naruto, where ninjas weren’t all super-powered up and stuff. They were just cool, stealthy and moved weird. That’s Guy.

#2. Yun


I read this manga a long time ago. It was called “Kenji” (find out more here). It was so sick. I liked the interweaving of historical fact, evolution,  and various styles and cultures intermixing as a background for the story of a boy growing up to be a master of karate. It was such a good manga.

All that aside, back to Yun. The karate which Yun seems to employ is Bajiquan, the main karate which the protagonist of “Kenji” (coincidentally named Kenji) is taught. The super dash punch, the reverse shoulder rush and various other moves all come from Bajiquan.

That’s why I like him. That’s it actually. To be honest, I really didn’t like his image before realizing the truth behind his move set. Now, I can stomach him as a character because of that one manga I read. Nostalgia for the win!

#3. Juri


I know. I was complaining about Juri in the first entry. So what, it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want. Yeah, go write your own blog.

When a friend first asked me who I wanted to main, I scanned through the cast, and after a few scans I said, “Uh, Juri. Uh, yeah.” Very confident indeed. Now, keep in mind that EVO 2015 was happening at that exact moment and top 8 was about to start. Really hype. Juri was about to get played. aiai, the pre-eminent Juri player, was going to play one of the first matches of top 8. That, in combination with the fact that game has you picking Juri right out of the gate every time you enter the character select screen (doesn’t that give you any ideas?) had me picking Juri.

As I played her more and more, I was intrigued. Her move set was intuitive to me. The pinwheel, the delayed projectile kicks, even the oddly named Feng Shui Engine. Right out the gate, I wasn’t that good with her, but unlike a lot of the other character I had tried up to that point, I wanted to learn more about how to play her despite my initial difficulty.

That being said, most of my matches end up lookin’ like this.


However, I’m inspired to keep up practice knowing that she will be returning in SFV (it may also inspire me to buy the damn thing).

Alrighty folks that’s it from me. Enjoy your pic and your song. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Credit: Robert Downey Jr.’s Facebook (very meta)

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