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Things I’ll Miss from Japan Part 1: Hop, Skip, Jump

Poor. Flamingo. Is what I say.

So. I live in Japan right now. Wassup.

After being here for about 2 week now, you would think that I’m not quite ready to think about leaving yet. And you would be right… if I wasn’t a blogger. As a blogger, I am constantly thinking about things I should not, so that I have something to write about. And so here we are.

This first part in this multi-part series focuses on 3 particular edible items. These are 3 things which have sustained me physically, but much more so emotionally. Cuz that what food do, ya dig?

#1. White Fromage


Yes. It’s called White Fromage. They like to use English words and while it starts out quaint, it very quickly becomes annoying, redundant or just sad.

That aside, this is not just white cheese. It’s white cheesecake. From 7/11. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Shouldn’t you be asleep right now? What time is it over there?” Can you stop worrying about that? That’s my problem, not yours. What you should be thinking is, “Hey, 7/11. That’s garbage right?” By all accounts, yes. And I am most likely dying. But my ascent to heaven has already begun after consuming this stuff.

White Fromage is B-tier cheesecake, but it’s cheap, easy to get and easy to eat. High class cheesecake is expensive and people like myself know how hard it is to get a hold of it. I love cheesecake, and this simple delicacy hit the spot for dessert.

#2 and 3. Lemon Tea and Milk Tea


This stuff is amazing. It’s just… so damn good. I don’t even understand. It’s… yeah, I give up. I’m gonna go drink some right now. See you guys later. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Today’s pic was brought to you by Tr4ash 4, and Titans like you. Thank you.

Credits: Kewn’s twitter @Kewn_Miiverse

Today’s musical interludes are brought to you by a fan of The Pillows and Radiohead.



Oh wait, I forgot a troll song. Credit to @TempoEloise for playing this song on her stream, like, right now.

You’re welcome.


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