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Weekend Twitch Attack: Tournies Furr Dayyyyzzzz

Like, furr daayyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzz…

So here’s something new. I like watching Twitch streams. I do it a whole bunch. It sucks that my time difference puts me at odds with almost every NA stream, but it gives me new opportunities to watching some of the European and Asian streams.

The upshot of this statement is that I will be doing a recap of my weekend Twitch surfing activity, if I find enough things of interest. This weekend was especially packed, so I thought I would talk about it.

Mayhem 28 – Selfless | Lucky takes it over dT | Hugs, with special guest Army


I watch a lot of SSBM, and you really can’t go wrong with this, one of SoCal’s premier tournaments. With big names like Selfless|Lucky, dT|Hugs, Amino|MikeHaze, and SPY|MacD, we were looking at a pretty sick tournament. That is definitely what we got, but not for the reasons we thought. Many a night was ruined due to the lateness of the hour, resulting in a transition to Real Wobbling Hours. The result, DizzKidBoogie and the unheard of Army made waves to make it to top 8. Out of left field, Army ended up getting 3rd overall, much to the surprise of SoCal onlookers and much to the disdain of those who faced him in bracket. Lucky and Hugs made it through the icy gauntlet and Lucky ended up taking 1st, but a surprising and interesting tournament overall.

Smash ‘n’ Splash 2 – HBox pulls out…


Wins. He pulls out wins. I didn’t get to see much of Smash ‘n’ Splash 2, I’m not a fan to be honest. However, the brackets were stacked on stacked. We had Hbox, M2K, Duck, Wizzy, SFat, S2J, Wobbles, and Swedish Delight coming out of nowhere to get 2nd, and other people as well. Not only that, we had one of the most inspired commentating ever by the duo of HomeMadeWaffles and Wobbles. I love those guys so much, they just have this chill vibe that mixes well with how seriously they take the game. It worked.and made the stream that much more entertaining for me. I also got to see a slightly improved set for SFat against HBox. We don’t often see SFat do his best, but he’s starting to put his best foot forward in the matchup that’s haunted him for a while. He has a very interesting fox and I hope to see more of it in the future.

TWFighter Major 2016 – Mago?

Uh, couldn’t find a pic. Here you go.


Anyways. So yeah. Gamerbee hosted a SFV tourney in Taiwan. It was sick. REALLY sick. From the bracket, I thought Tokido had it won. Nope. Everyone showed up to fight their hardest. Haitani, Mago, sako, Daigo, eita, Kazunoko, Poongko, Itabashi Zangief just to name a lot. It was epic from start to finish. In fact, I will be doing a mindgame analysis of some of the games some time soon. Look forward to that. I know I am.

Moscow Fight Arena 2k16 – Xian.


Not really much to say. Xian eats an entire country’s fighting game community. Sad. F.A.N.G. so sad.

Alright, that’s enough. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


And for your feature presentation. Let’s keep it mellow.

Some way.

Some day.


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