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“Our Favorite Anime Songs II” Review

Can I buy ’em or can I buy ’em?

I sometimes do stupid things. I have bad purchasing streaks. Sometimes I get dud. Don’t we all?

This time, I scored. Big. “Our Favorite Anime Songs II” is an album consisting of a bunch of really old songs from really old anime, and it’s just great. I thought I’d go through and give my rundown of what songs I really liked.

#1. Lupin the Third Original Opening by Charlie Kosei

night run

Lupin the Third will always be known as one of the shows that changed the game. It created tropes, set standards, and made the mold when it came to character-driven, episodic anime. The base model was tried, tested and proved true with Lupin the Third, and the atmosphere of simple coolness was created right off the bat with this terrific opening.

Charlie Kosei’s low melodic vocals call for your attention, as if you are listening to an epic storyteller. You follow his strain while the blaring trumpets pop out the tune and it just gets your toes tappin’. Great song.

#2. City Hunter~Ai yo kienaide by Kahoru Kohiruimaki


This show is so dope that Jackie Chan played the lead in a live action adaptation. C’mon! But seriously, this show is so much fun. It is just another one of those super long shows that you would watch if you were a kid coming home from school turning on the tube (if you happen to be a really old person now). It has that type of “rinse-repeat” feel that we all used to be obsessed with way back when. However, watching it now doesn’t really take away that much, because it still has sad and serious streaks at times. This song was the first opening song for the show and it has that dancehall disco vibe going, or at least the Japanese version, which I actually like a lot better. I wish I had lived in Japan during the 80’s, because it’s basically the same as America except¬†without the times America went too far.

Anyways. Good song.

#3. Miracle Girl by Mariko Nagai


Yawara! shouldn’t have been my cup of tea. And to be honest, it wasn’t. It was a “girl growing up” story with comedy and highjinks galore. This opening from the show probably did the best job of reminding viewers that we are watching a story of a strong female lead trying to better understand, like all people do, what her actual weakness and strengths are, and what that means when it comes to who she wants to become in the future. A nice story, if a little typical. Again, the upbeat tune helps pick up the mood and get you into a happy rhythm.

#4. Yume wo Shinjite by Hideaki Tokunaga


Hideaki Tokunaga? That guy’s name sounds like it’s from a history book about Japan during the Feudal period. “And then Hideaki Tokunaga backstabbed Akechi Mitsuhide at Kyukeiji temple…” Yeah, I know, it was Adachi who- okay, just forget it.

When I first heard this song a long time ago (maybe a few years), I thought I had heard it before. It’s just one of those things that feels like it came from your childhood. From the old Dragon Quest show, this ending song does a lot to wind down the show and helps the viewer relax, while still feeling the speed of the adventurous, swashbuckling tale. Nice tune.

#5. Seishun (Youth) by Yoshimi Iwasaki


I hate Adachi Mitsuru. He likes love trianges. I do not. We will never see eye to eye on this.

Anyways, this is one of the endings from the show¬†Touch, which features a… sigh… a love triangle. Gawd dangit…


#6. Ashita no Joe by Isao Bitou


Oh my GOD, this show is hardcore. You know how Rocky made you have emotional pangs at times? Multiply that by 10000000. You have now come somewhat near the ballpark of how amazing this show is. It is just so hardcore. When it hits, it hits hard. I am usually able to watch pretty much anything when it comes to anime. This show was difficult to sit through at times. That’s how sad it got sometimes. The ending still makes my heart wrench at times.

And the feeling of wandering aimlessly, ceaselessly into an unknown future while still trying to hold your own flame alight is captured perfectly by this opening by Isao Bitou. Coming back to Charlie Kosei’s epic storyteller voice, this is much the same, but the story is much sadder. You know what, I can’t do this anymore. We are done.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Always reach for the stars.

And never stop moving.


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