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Top 1000 Anime Songs – Part 1

Weeb city.

Anyone have a light? No? Good, ’cause I don’t smoke.

Thought I’d do this. See what happens, how it goes. I like lists. Usually of “top” or “best” things. It’s my MO now.

Objective? To give you more music to listen to. This list is not exclusive to anyone. Please, give it chance. This music is good and I’m SURE that somewhere along the line, you will find a song that you didn’t already know that you will enjoy.

Alright, let’s get started. This list is going to take forever.

What did you say? Ground rules? Sure, here you go.

  1. List has no order, all are great. #425 is not necessarily better or worse than #245.
  2. Openings, endings and songs from soundtracks are all fair game. I will also include songs with a somewhat tenuous connection to shows, as long as there is some reason behind the connection.
  3. There will be multiple songs from the same show on this. No way to avoid that, in fact it would defeat the point of the list. It’s not about the shows, it’s about the music.
  4. Suggestions and comments are welcome. There 1000 of these songs, and I have not chosen them all. Feel free to hit me up with your favorites and we’ll see if they make the list.

K, let’s go.

#1000. “Tank!” by the Seatbelts from Cowboy Bebop


Can’t think of a better way to start the list. I remember the day I forced my parents to listen to this song. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did not dismiss it offhand, although I was little upset by the fact that they did not show the same unbridled enthusiasm that I did. I love this song for just about everything. What it does for the show, the trumpets, the rhythm, the pace, the wind down at the end. Everything. This song just does it for me in so many ways and I can’t really say much more than that. If you haven’t already, do yourself a service and give it a try.

#999. “Suna no Oshiro” by Kanon Wakeshima from Vampire Knight Guilty


A bit of a jump, I will admit. Just a bit. However, this song does much to teach the lesson that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you can make assumptions about one part of something based on what you think of another part. This show, by all accounts, isn’t great. However, this song is actually quite good. It feels dark, but it has a rolling drum beat that pushes you along despite the depressing atmosphere. The vocals do a lot, especially in the chorus. It really goes to show how talented the Japanese can be at times. It’s difficult to not appreciate how amazing they are at using their voices. Overall, a surprising tune and worthy of the list in my opinion.

#998. “Follow Me”by The Beat Crusaders from Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad


What would a list about anime music be without THE anime tribute to the American rock scene? Independent hard rock forged hard for a time in America, but the influence was far-reaching. I gained an interest in how Japan took to that music through a few bands that I listened to. It was cool to see the influences from various eras of rock music collide in a completely strange locale, in a different language, in a different culture and people. Beck was a cool show and does a lot to shed light on the feelings behind that genre of music and the feelings of the people playing that music in Japan. Surprisingly, a lot of the feelings are shared.

“Follow Me” feels a lot like the Beatles meets… hmm, that’s a tough one. Maybe just the the Beatles? Early “clean” rock ‘n roll was a lot like this. Jangly guitars, simple chord progressions. But it also has that Jefferson Airplane type off key chord progression in the middle and at the end to return to the main verse. Hmm, interesting. Either way, it’s a big hit from this show, so check it out.

#997. “Deja Vu” by Dave Rodgers from Initial D

maxresdefault (1)

Initial D is funny. It has strange character designs, a pretty strange premise (unless you street race in your spare time), a completely awkward and lethargic protagonist and then music like this. Sometimes I just don’t understand anime. Whatever the case may be, this song is such a classic, it would be wrong to not put it on the list. It’s also funnily catchy, if a little weird.

#996. “Memories” by Maki Otsuki from One Piece


I won’t ever say I like or liked One Piece. I don’t even like the openings and endings… except for this one. It’s good, what can I say? Sorry folks, nothing I can do. Should we just wrap it up here? No, let’s keep going.

#995. “Kimi Sae Ireba” by Megumi Hayashibara from Love Hina


I have nothing to say about the show. This song is great though. I love this kind of instrumental, with the long-short-long-short… drum beat and the chord progression does some WURK. In combination with the great vocals (something I can always rely on Japanese songs to have, or at least I used to be able to) this song is a surprise hit. Surprise because this show is lame. That’s right, I said it. Go eat a sock.

#994. “Duvet” by Bôa from Serial Experiments: Lain

maxresdefault (2)

This song gets real. Just like the show. You know what, rather than talk about it, I’m just gonna put the lyrics here.

And you don’t seem to understand.
A shame, you seemed an honest man.
And all the fears you hold so dear
Will turn to whisper in your ear.
And you know what they say might hurt you.
And you know that it means so much.
And you don’t even feel a thing.

I am falling, I am fading,
I have lost it all.

And you don’t seem the lying kind.
A shame, then I can read your mind.
And all the things that I read there.
Candle lit smile that we both share.
And you know I don’t mean to hurt you,
but you know that it means so much.
And you don’t even feel a thing.

I am falling, I am fading, I am drowning.
Help me to breathe.
I am hurting, I have lost it all.
I am losing.
Help me to breathe.

Damn… Daniel.

And on that sobering note, we will end it here. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Sorry guys, the pics will be dogs until I can find something… worse. Praise be the Shiba twitter account!


And he thinks so too.

Budget Sanik. Only for the fans.


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