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Journey in Japan: Part 1 – Fish, Fresh, Fish

One fish, two fish, red fish, Indian David Cross.

So. I went somewhere outside of my little home here in the half-industrialized part of Japan. Thought I’d share some pics.

Went to Tsukiji. It’s best known for having the largest fish market ever, according to somebody who told me so. So yeah. Went there. Here’s some pics of that.

It was pretty cool, but sadly I wasn’t able to see it at it’s best. It really gets popping in the early hours of the morning and public transport doesn’t really travel at those hours. So by the time I got there, it was winding down. Still, it was fun to imagine how great it could have been.

Went to a Shinto Temple. Check it out.

Although the fish market was cool, the market afterwards was really interesting as well. Couldn’t get as many pics as I wanted, but I got some nice ones.

Ended up going to a great chicken bowl place (had someone in my group who was allergic to fish, don’t ask) and it was really, really good. Chicken of the sea, meet fish of the land.


Also went to a Buddhist temple. Pretty decadent.

Okay, looks good. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

I feel so lazy right now.


Maybe some intense music will help me get up.

Ah, all better.


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