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Favorite Fighting Game Characters Part 2: Melty Blood: Actress Again: Current Code

So many colons. Shout-outs to relevant cover pics.

I play all sorts of games. I also don’t play all sorts of games. Try and figure that one out.

Like my last post on SF4, this post will feature things and stuff. Let’s GOOOOOO.

#1. Kohaku


What is this garbage? I dunno if you, the reader, has any knowledge of Melty Blood or stuff, but this character is a nut. This is based on what I know from the actual story in the universe of the storymode, as well as the characters actual play in the game.

She’s basically this weirdo maid who is either stalking people, giggling, screwing with relationships or in a basement doing some… experimentation. I dunno, she’s weird. Yeah. Uh, watch some game play.

#2. Kouma Kishima


Probably legit the character I have the most fun playing in the Melty Blood series. His movement feels good, his attacks all hit hard, his combos are all swipes and I like the feel of the linking. Everything just feels meaty. He feels like someone took a Street Fighter or KOF character and threw him into a random doujin fighting game engine. Everyone fears da Kouma! Just watch deez combooooosssss!

How do ya like dem apples? Of course, I can’t do any of that, but I’m just sayin’…

#3. Miyako Arima


K, while Kouma is the character I have the most fun playing, Miyako is the character I want to have the most fun playing. I love straight-up karate characters in fighting games. Makoto and Yun were two of my most played characters in SF4. Miyako is the same. She has shoulder and elbow strikes, thrusts, pounds, and solid, rock-like movement. I just love the visual combined with the solid foundation. The flavor is real and alive here. Check it out. Bonus: jazzy music and an inappropriate graphic. Please choose to ignore at least one of these. My apologies in advance.

#4. Neco Arc


Not much to say here to be honest. It’s a neko-ization of Arcueid. So, uh, yeah. Whatever that may entail, there it is. Watch.

Shout outs to the one comment on the video, that I think sums up the character very well. “Neco arc is a cat from hell”. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

#5. Riesbyfe Stridberg


Riesbi… Reesby… Recipe…. ok, don’t make me say it. I really want to play this character. I really do. Just look at her.


Damn. She looks sick. However, in a rare case of fighting games trying to be realistic, Riesbyfe moves like she is in fact carrying a huge, thick wall of steel. And swinging it around too. I am reminded of the first appearance of Sagara Sanosuke in Rurouni Kenshin. He wielded the Zanbatou, a weapon made extremely large so as to be able to strike down cavalry generals, steed and all. The thing is so huge and unwieldy that no one can actually wield, only a fictional character who is half its size.

But back to Riesbyfe. Yeah. It’s the sad truth that she is hard to play, if not downright bad. But I like her design at the very least. Her color scheme and… well, overall design are cool. It’s just the practical gameplay that chafes me. Oh well. Here you go. Bonus: This music selection is incomprehensible.

Okay folks, thanks for reading and have a great day.

P.S. Credits to mizuumi for those awesome banners, definitely not mine. Also, I didn’t talk about this, but a quick shout out to’s character descriptions for MBAACC. Miyako’s is literally, “Miyako Arima is a character in the fighting game melty blood”. Like, what?


Always look to the future.

I feel so old.


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