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Top 1000 Anime Songs – Part 3: I dropped the bleach Part 1

Did someone say Bleach?

Yup, I did.

Welcome back to the ongoing saga of me doing something dumb. On this episode, in keeping with the aforementioned fashion of doing things, I will add a series of Bleach songs to the list. Oh boy.


Shout outs to cover pictures that are too big.

#979. “Rolling Star” by Yui from… Bleach


Eh? Don’t remember that pic from the opening do you? Yeah, well. It’s from there. Anyways. Yeah, this is really happening. It’s going to keep happening. Hey, this song isn’t even that bad.

#978. “Daidai” by Chatmonchy from… okay, you get it by now


I think this song, and this screencap from the ending it comes from, both illustrate what Bleach labors from the most. It labors under the fact that is, in fact, Bleach. As such, it is shounen trash meant only to produce convoluted story lines, fill itself with bloated fluff, objectify all female characters using inappropriate body proportions (while never having an actual developed romance so that the viewers can believe that they still have a chance, heh) and of course, merchandise. I’m sure I forgot some things, but that’s the big stuff.

Now, what this song and ending animation do is illustrate that by removing yourself from the inherent biases, you can begin to realize how much they shape how you view the show even before looking at it. If you didn’t know that this pic was from Bleach and I put it alongside the same song by Chatmonchy, I’m sure you’d start out with a much more open mind. Just looking at this pic, without thinking about Bleach, actually has some emotional heft. The single table off kilt, the dark room lit by a blinding light outside the window. There is an uneasiness here.

The emotion that this simple but bleak image conjurs up is what was intended by the creators for this point in the show. Orihime had just been kidnapped, but was given the chance to say goodbye to her friends before doing so. This was meant to develop the fact that those characters who may know, be associated with or be very close to the powerful main lead may not be as powerful as they are, and the result is a severe lack of self-esteem as you feel you are a burden to them. A hopelessness builds within yourself when you see the people you care about suffer as a result of your very existence, and you don’t even have the power to do anything about it. That is a very interesting line of thought regarding human emotion and interaction. Was this developed into something? Not as much as it could have. But understand that hidden in the music and in the interstitial parts of the anime we may not like is potential. There is always potential.

#977. “After Dark” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation


Good song. Neato. Nothing to see here, just some Hueco Mundo garbage.

#976. “Tane wo Maku Hibi” by Atari Kousuke


This is a very nice song… yeah. It is. Uh… yeah. Next.

#975. “Orange” by Lil’B


I want to laugh so much right now. This picture both is just too funny. I know that it comes mostly from the lyrics of the song, and I understand what they intended for it to look like. But right now, Orihime is a NEET in my mind. And that is a funny thought.

Also, this song is called “Orange”. Almost definitely because of Kurosaki Ichigo. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Racist.

#974. “Gallop” by pe’zmoku


The ending animation is just some more “damsel in distress” garbage feat. Rukia, probably one of the most annoying things about this crappy thing. Why do the female characters have to be made of rice paper origami cranes that were caught in the rain? I don’t get it. Whatever, this song is popping.

Alright, that’s enough. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

I am so out of it.


Eat this.


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