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RWBY Vol. 2 Soundtrack Review

Already running out of ideas eh?


Alright, there was a second volume to this thing. Came with music. Time for talk.

#1. Die

Wow, shout outs to happy song titles. Welp, what is this great about this song? Well, I may be repeating myself, but I love key transitions. Apparently so does Jeff Williams. A lot. I think we are going to get along.

#2. Shine

So, I was watching this show, right? And then, all of a sudden, Jean appeared on the screen with a dress on. Like a dress dress. You know? A very… it was a dress. And I was… well maybe shocked doesn’t quite fit. I was bewildered. But it was cute semi-romantic moment. And then they started to dance. Oh boy did they ever dance. That was the moment that I realized that no matter what happens from volume 2 on, the show will never be… that. It won’t have that charm. That charm was Monty’s doing. And he isn’t around anymore. This scene and song pretty much encapsulate the feeling I get when I think of Monty having fun. He just wanted to do what he loved and create something from his imagination. The translation of this is a labor of love, within which is a bit of himself. That won’t be around from here on out, at least not in the same way, and that makes me a bit sad.

#3. Caffeine (feat. Lamar Hall)

“Listen up, strap in, notify your next of kin.” Wow, much lyrics, very rap. I’m not sure what more to say, I feel like this song is all words. Just, words.

#4. Time to Say Goodbye (James Landino’s Beach Bae Remix)

From among my group of goons, I was the only one who didn’t really like this volume’s opening and both of the others. However, I did appreciate this remixed version. I like how instead of a straight transposition to trap music like most remixes are, this actually changed the way the song worked. The emphases were different, the phrases read differently, and the transitions were augmented. Neato.

#5. This Will Be the Day (James Landino’s Magical Girl Remix)

Same as what I said for #4. It just feels like a whole different song. One bowl of rice tastes twice as good. Nooice.

Okay folks, thanks for reading and have a great day!


Only corgi Thor wears the helmet akimbo, as it was always meant to be.

Wait, apparently this is the last song by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES? Damn…


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