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Top 5 Moments of CEO 2016 SSBM Top 8

It only ended, like, 10 minutes ago.

Hiya. Here are my top 5 mom- oh wait what? No intro? No exposition? Just jump into it?

Yeah. That’ll work. Okay, you read the title, let’s just go.

Also, spoiler alert. Obviously.

#5. Hungrybox wins

Yeah, it’s on the list. But it’s on the bottom of the list. So there.

So Hungrybox ended up winning CEO moderately handily, with slight trifles here and there. While it wasn’t exactly the most hype or interesting occurrence, it makes it onto the list because of how important it is in the grand scheme of the storyline. Beginning this year, we were seeing Hungrybox get victory after victory, quick and easy. It wasn’t until Dreamhack Austin where we so Mango triumph and Smash Summit 2 where Armada clutched out the win.

With this win, despite not having Armada, Mango or Leffen, Hungrybox brought back some ground on the road to EVO. It is coming up very soon and with WTFox coming next week, we are in for even more treats and drama as we get closer to the biggest tournament of the year.

#4. ChuDat?

There is guy, right? He’s a bit of a goof. And he doesn’t show up to tournament often. But all of a sudden, you see a bunch of promising names disappear from bracket. Slox, Alex19, Gahtzu and DruggedFox, all of whom had flashes of brilliance during the tournament, fell to the “yayazzzzzz”. It was… weird. It was like being pulled back to 2015. Very surreal.

#3. Plup clutches past Axe


Yeah, Plup and Axe had a long back and forth in losers. Axe took 2 games in a row in quick succession and had a very commanding lead going into 3rd game potentially getting the 3-0 victory.

However, Plup remembered that he was playing Sheik. And he has a grab. A very good grab. And then, when the dust cleared, Plup had won. And Axe was very, very sad. And so was I.

#2. You are watching SFAT make a 4-stock comeback

Just… just watch this.

Yeah. SFAT got 3rd for his troubles, but this was definitely a step in the right direction for him. This was the kind of positive momentum that saw Lucky have a resurgence after Dreamhack Austin.

#1. Plup vs. Mew2King

Without a doubt, some of the best Melee I’ve seen in a little while. Basically, it came down to whether Mew2King had it in him to hold himself together despite the things that usually bother him. I feel like this whole tournament was a way for him to figure out how to grasp a proper mentality for himself. Well, he managed to get 2nd in Melee Singles and 1st in Doubles for Melee and Smash 4. I wonder if he succeeded?

He still has doubts about his ability to be Jiggly, but I don’t doubt that he has more enthusiasm and simply more will to continue playing. At the very least, he understands a little better now what exactly it will take for him to stay at the highest level from here on out. I hope he deals with all of his personal stuff and that EchoFox can do it’s part to keep him happy and healthy.

Okay, that’s it. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


My foot tastes good.

And in commemoration of CEO 2016… this catchy beat.


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