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Pro-Wrestling and SSBM: Same or Identical Part 2

And the boyz r back.

Okay, here is part 2 of the pro-wrestling/SSBM comparison article I released a few days back, which you can find here.

I have to more points of comparison between these two things.

#3. Not enough leadership

For a community or an enterprise, leadership serves a few purposes. First, a leader offers direction. What does the future hold? What is our current path into the future? What can we do to change it? These are all questions that are in the hands of the leadership. Second, leaders will usually  be the people who the public see when they think of the whole group. They act like a figurehead, a humanized version of the larger entity.

For SSBM, the problem is that there is no real leadership. “Leadership” is mostly captured by tournament organizers and community figures. By community figures, I mean top players, commentators and organizers who are constantly looking out for both the veteran players as well as the new incomers. These are people who serve to meet the role of “leader”.

The problem is that the future is uncertain. The leaders can only control so much for this community. They can keep the current framework intact as best they can and they can take from their experiences and analogous ones from other communities, but other than that there isn’t much they can do. Simply put, the people who make up highest echelon of the SSBM community are just not powerful people. They are just talented, passionate, devoted people who love the game and the community. Unfortunately, that may not be enough in the long run.

For pro-wrestling… sigh. Again, where to begin? Vince McMahon is notoriously bad at his job. The decisions he has made… sigh. I dunno if I want to talk about this. Either way, it is clear that the direction of the WWE is also very unclear at times, simply because of what Vince decided upon last week.

#4. Future demographic

Both SSBM and WWE have a problem when it comes to longevity. While this problem has only started to manifest in SSBM, it  has been clear for a long time in WWE. Some of the WWE’s most controversial/worst decisions came from trying to appease the younger demographic. This is of course inspired by the desire to create connections with younger viewers and hopefully secure viewers for their lifetime.

For SSBM, the problem comes in the unpredictability of the future player base. With current players getting older, moving on with life or getting too physically unable to play for long stretches of time, it comes down to whether the talented player base is still there as much as it was 5 years ago, or if those players are moving to other games. Melee is big, but can it continue to attract new players the way that games with sequels and graphic updated versions are? These are questions that will decide whether Melee has a future in 10-20 years from now. And that is vision that the community does not really have right now.

So overall, how can I sum this up? Melee and pro-wrestling are severly lacking when it comes to the important things that determine whether something will survive for a long time. Not that they aren’t memorable, but that they lack the foresight/vision to design themselves for the future. They believe that by changing at all, they are going to lose the things that made them entertaining, and this naive line of thought may be what ends them. Only time will tell, but hopefully both of them are willing to change based on feedback from the everyone, not just people within themselves. Remember what they say, “the customer is always right.” Well, the outside observer may have a perspective that you can’t see because you are vastly experienced in a bunch of things. Growing is a process of opening your mind the possibility that you have not explored everything yet. I believe that this way of thinking can revolutionize both Melee and pro-wrestling. I just hope that they see it that way.

Okay, thanks for reading this long, unorganized diatribe. Have a great day.

Alright, sleep time.


K, rather than a song, I leave you with this. Please pay attention to the guy who stares straight at the camera.



This guy knows what’s about to happen. Bonus: the guy behind him knows too.


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