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RWBY Vol. 3 Soundtrack Review

Finish him!


Well, we are at the third volume now. Not sure when volume 4 is coming out. Not sure if I care right now. So uh…. MUZAK!

#1. When It Falls

Unlike my friends, I like this song much more than the volume 2 opening. This and the volume 1 opening are both my favorites. Probably the thing that sticks with me the most is how effectively this opening captures the dramatic change in tone from this volume compared to the previous two. This is one of the biggest advantages that this volume has and the opening has all of the feelings and images that depict the perfect tone.

#2. It’s My Turn

This is the hype song for the early tournament part of the volume. Always necessary, always good. This one still holds to the overall tone of something at work just out of sight by having small sections of minor chords coming in occasionally to mess with the positive overtones. Well done.

#3. Neon

When I heard the synth chords, I think of those old browser games I used to play as a kid on the Lego website.

Don’t ask why. Either way, I like those games and I like this song.

#4. It’s My Turn (James Landino Remix)

James Landino strikes again. Apparently he was at Super Smash Con. Sick.

#5. Qrow vs. Winter

I’m a sucker for deals. I think it comes from my Asian heritage. And I have to say this song is quite the bargain. You get something like 7 different songs all in one song. That’s how much this song jumps from one thing to another. Really well woven together and it’s one of those songs where you could listen to the part of the episode where it was inserted and you could imagine the battle exactly as it happened just through hearing the music. Well done.

And that’s all he wrote. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


It’s all about the man trying to keep you down.



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