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Sound Bites: Sep 3, 2016

You’re playing that in my bad ear.

Before we begin, I would like to shout out a particularly special birthday. Can you guess which one?

That’s right! Today is the 100th anniversary of September 3rd 1916!! I bet no one expected that 100 years since then, that date would still have happened, but it beat all of the odds and to this very day it still exists as a date on the calendar. Congratulations September 3rd 1916, you stand as a proud role model to dates everywhere. You’ve shown that, no matter how much time passes, time will have passed.

And on that note…

Welcome folks, to a new regular feature of the blog, Sound Bites. I am hopeful it will be regular because it is easy for me to do. What is Sound Bites? Very simply, this is the stuff on my mp3 that I’ve been listening to recently. For the lolz. That’s it.

Okay, let’s get to it.

  1. Death Note Tribute Album

m-flo, Buck-Tick and P’ez are just some of the groups who put themselves forward to do this cool little album which celebrates the darkness of Death Note. It has some great music on it and while I personally don’t feel like it reminds me all that much of the manga or anime, I really did enjoy the album itself independent of its premise.

  1. Joshiraku ED, Nippon Egao Hyakkei

“Yooooooo!” This is a fun little song from the Koji Kumeta anime Joshiraku (the title is a mashup of the Japanese words “Joshi”,slang for women, and “rakugo”, a style of Japanese comedic performance). If you haven’t seen it… well I’m not that surprised. Like most of his work, Joshiraku is not terribly popular. It’s a show that is chock full of Japanese social and political commentary, interlaced with very deep cultural references that would fly over the heads of most Japanese people I know, let alone non-Japanese. Most of the nuance and innuendo that permeates the performance of rakugo is lost on modern Japanese society, as the references become lost over time, and thus there is an increasing lack of appreciation for this art form.

All that aside, this song is pretty neat. It even has an impromptu mini-rakugo performance in the middle of the song (on the full version).

  1. Talk is Jericho

Drink it in man… Talk is Jericho is one of the few pro-wrestling podcasts I listen to. Chris Jericho has always been known as a great talker in the ring. While that hardly precludes him from being a good interviewer, I was still pleasantly surprised at how good he was. In particular, I liked his interviews with Kevin Owens, Paige, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bailey.

Okay peeps, I’m out. Thanks for reading and have a great day.


I didn’t make this. I am not a GOD.


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