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On the Lookout: Old Point-and-click Adventures

Let me dust that off for you.

Hello all. It’s me again. I am writing today in response to the changing of the seasons. With the passing of time, one thinks of change, transformation, and moving on in life. It is with a heavy heart that I see things which I once believed to be permanent fade away. However, we all welcome wholeheartedly the surprising birth of a new and exciting future.

As you probably realize by now, I am talking about games going on sale. Yes, it’s that time of year again, and by “that time of year”, I mean that it has been one week since the last sale on 30 random games you’d never heard of until that sale. With my recent binge of some games (which you have seen evidence of through my recent reviews), I am always on the lookout for interesting games in these sales. Often, there a few diamonds among the rough, “the rough” in this case being various installments of the Ultima and King’s Quest series (not hating, but the age shows folks).

This post is meant to highlight a few games which I am looking out for after perusing the interwebs and stumbling across them. Note that I will show links to, which I prefer to Steam because “DRM-free” is a legitimately good perk.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#1. Gabriel Knight Series


As soon as I saw the cover images for this series, I was hooked. I then proceeded to read the description, look at some gameplay screencaps and I realized how old the game actually was. After all these years of better and better graphics, I had forgotten how older games succeeded back then. They used what little they had and perfected a technique of using it to the best of their abilities. It wasn’t about fancy and shiny gadgets and trinkets. It was about what was behind the graphics. A deep and enveloping story that enabled the player to very easily immerse their mind in the world of the game. The principle is the exact same as when you watched Star Wars or read old fantasy books as a kid growing up. The world came to life for you because you saw all of the things that made it up. It has more to do with how you imagine it to be in your mind, rather than what you see constructed before you. I hope it

#2. Broken Sword Series


This is another one that fits the same model as the list. I do NOT like this art style. It is either too goofy, too old, or both, but I just don’t like it. However, if I immerse myself in the game’s world, it won’t matter. I hope this will be the case. The story seems interesting enough, featuring plot points such as assassin clowns and the Knights Templar. Sounds good to me.

#3.Blackwell Series


The peeps at Wadjet Eye Games have their stuff together. This series, like many of their other games, is a far cry from the point-and-click adventures of the past, such as King’s Quest and others. In games like those, which once defined what a point-and-click adventure was all about, pulled at as many stops as they possibly could, given their graphical limitations. However, despite the graphical setbacks, games like Kings Quest actually did look really good, keeping in mind the aforementioned limitations. With games like in Blackwell, it seems to maintain a very minimalistic style despite the many years difference between the games and the graphical possibilities of modern game. However, I can’t help but feel that it looks like it works.



I really like Doug Tenaple’s style. Clay for the win.



This game looks downright beautiful. ‘Nuff said.

Okay people. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


And for today’s video… why don’t we all watch some JonTron, waddya say?


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