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Favorite Fighting Game Characters Part 4: Guilty Gear Isuka, X2 Reload


Hee, hi, heyo folks. Me again. Back with another fighting game characters post. This time I am covering the older Guilty Gear games Isuka and X2 (#Reload), which I feel mostly overlap except for a few important differences which I feel should be brought up. At some point in time (or whenever the heck it gets released on PC), I will review Xrd -Sign- and Revelator, or really just Revelator since it’s just an update on -Sign-… although that somehow precludes it from being released on PC… which makes no sense…


#1. Johnny


I don’t really have too much to say about Johnny. With his recent release in Revelator…

Let’s move on. Johnny is cool. He was broken-ish at EVO, less broken now. We’ll talk about him some other time.

#2. Bridget

One thing that the Arc System Works can pride itself on in terms of the Guilty Gear series is the almost obscene attention to detail there is in these games. Each character is meticulously created to have really interesting and unique animations at all times. Every idle, retreating and advancing animation is used to the fullest in order to create a great atmosphere or personality for the character.


For evidence of this, let’s look at Bridget. Her idle animation is her swaying lazily, as if dancing to pop music, while her retreating animation is her tripping backwards as she is seemingly pulled by her yo-yo. Both of these betray a sort of ditzy and youthful nature to her. While you could have discerned this from other visual clues, it is the distinct use of every aspect of a character and making sure that every aspect feeds into the theme of the character. Paying attention to every detail and making sure that it is all consistent really brings a character to life.


Also, a combat nun who fights with a yo-yo.


#3. Robo-Ky


Did I mention that this game is really awesome? A robot version of Ky Kiske that has his own chair, and his winning animation is literally him splitting into 3 different rockets and his head grows a propeller and flies away?


Give it to me.

#4. Anji Mito


Did you ever have that one math teacher in middle school who was secretly a super buff martial artist who fought with chi in glorious death matches with Eddie and Potemkin?

No? I guess that was just me then…

Also, please take note of that castle in the background. The Taj Mahal is apparently in Hell.


#5. Jam Kuradoberi


Look at that character and tell me that this is not that greatest game ever. But what makes it better is that she becomes this:


Probably my favorite part about Jam is her hands. In the idle state, her hands are always in constant motion. It reminds me a lot of Angel from the older King of Fighters games. It really gives a sense of action and intensity to the character, and provides a flavor that you usually don’t find in fighting games.


Also, she leans over her defeated opponents to check if they are okay. This game is so sick.

#6. Baiken


Did you know that Baiken was the character that, just behind Dizzy, received the most fan votes to be put in Revelator?

Baiken in Revelator confirmed??????

REVELATOR ON PC CONFIRMED???????????????????????

Anyways, Baiken has an interesting revenge backstory and a very stiff play-style.

Also, she kicks tatami mats out of the ground.


Did I mention that this game was sick?

#7. Zappa


Zappa is the most disgusting character I have ever seen. He literally has an attack where he throws up in front of himself.


However, when Bridget enters versus Zappa, she knocks him over on her way in. This game is TOOO SICK!

#8. A.B.A.


I don’t… really get A.B.A. It is a homunculus with a key… that is actually an artifact of war. But they are both covered in blood….

Maybe we’ll just leave it be. At least it looks cool.

Alrighty, that’s all folks. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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