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On the Lookout: Fighting Games

I dropped my camera.

Hello fellows, and welcome to another episode of “On the Lookout”. Today, I’m “On the Lookout” for a whole bunch of PC ports of fighting games! I’m desperately hoping these will suddenly appear on Steam, Humble Bundle or GOG, and I am sitting patiently in front of a computer screen pressing F5 until the day comes when these amazing games make their way to the computer.

1. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator


Isn’t it obvious? As far as I can tell, the only distinction between Revelator and Sign, the previous installment of the Xrd line of GG games, is a few character patches and some graphics updates. How difficult could that be to implement on PC? Clearly, ArcSys knows how to make a PC port of their console game, Xrd -Sign- was evidence of this.

Look, just put the game on Steam already. Just do it. Just… just do it.

2. King of Fighters 14


Same as previous. KoF 13 even had a friggin’ mobile port. Jeez…

3. Vampire Savior


This will NEVER happen, but I would like to think that someday, an official release of Vampire Savior, in something akin to that swathe of NeoGeo games on Humble Bundle in an arcade-style format, will be released. I mean, it isn’t difficult. It’s downright trivial.

Just doooooooo iiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt……………………

4. Capcom vs. Tatsunoko


Speaking of things that will never happen, this game was released on the Wii.


I dunno, but this game has friggin’ Gatchaman, Hurricane Polymar and Casshan! J-j-just take my money, just take it! If that’s what it will take for you to move this game over, just take it!!!

5. Melee HD

Oh…. no…..

While the other entries on this list might have had statistical hope, this is downright Bizarro World levels of contrary to the current policy of Nintendo. The progenitor of the Smash series finds it difficult to stomach making games that invite competitive play under the Nintendo banner. Isn’t fate cruel? The man who was able to fashion together one of the most intriguing and deep fighting games of all time is also the same man who never wanted the game to be played like that. And sadly, his ability to hold the IP stymies any potential future for an HD remake or remaster of SSBM.

I guess there’s always Sm4sh…..

It’s just not the same……………………….

Welp, that’s it for this. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



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