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Sound Bites: Nov 11, 2016

Eat pain.

Hello all. The regular segment, Sound Bites, is about the only thing regular about this blog. With that in mind, let’s get started.

  1. Kataritsugu Koto, Blood+ ED 1?

Blood+ was a good show. I will stand by that despite the fact that I did fall asleep at some points. However, I can respect a show that purposefully takes its time and has a deliberate pace for the purpose of storytelling, no matter how many viewers it may lose due to short attention span. Remember when shows told stories for the sake of telling stories? *sigh*~~~~~~~~~

Anyways, this show was made even better because of its great opening and ending songs. I’ve already mentioned Season’s Call on a previous sound bite, and this song is pretty good too. The thing that endears me most to it is the vocals. These are the first stilting vocals that I’ve heard in this way and I felt it was pretty unique and worked well. I haven’t listened to this artists other work to compare, so I don’t know if she usually sings this way, but I don’t mind it and feel that it is pretty good.

  1. Ambivalentidea, Jormungand ED

Have you ever been about to listen to a song, and then been very surprised by how astonishingly good it was? It happens to me more often that I expect, as is the case with surprises, which by definition we don’t see coming (thus the surprise). This was the case for me with “Ambivalentidea”. After finishing an episode of Jormungand, I didn’t really know what to expect from the ending song. I wasn’t hoping it would be good, in fact I didn’t even give it any thought at all. Then, the song came. And it was nothing I could have predicted. Quiet and calm, it starts. But somehow, like a stone rolling down a hill, it gathers momentum and power and the passion rains down. It’s a really pretty song, that consolidates minor and major into a bittersweet and powerful melody. Cool tune, and more than apt to compliment the philosophies within the series.

  1. Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kamisama Hajimemashita OP

Alright class, raise your hand if you were expecting this one. No? I thought not. You see, I don’t usually watch this kind of garbage… I mean show. It really isn’t my bag. But at the end of the day, they are harmless little pieces of media, floating through sky like so many bubbles on a hot summer day. It isn’t that I enjoyed it, but I do occasionally get a kick out of the casual melodrama that has been mastered by the Japanese in the shoujo genre. It is much like a soap opera, but milder and easier to consume. The drama is there, but the scenarios are less ridiculous and the acting is miles better (even cartoons have better facial expressions than some human beings).

This song is probably the most accurate representation of my feelings towards the shoujo genre. Occasionally, it’s nice. I don’t mind it. Sometimes, I like to listen to it. It isn’t very substantial or complicated, but it exists as a temporary distraction, another outlet of entertainment. I judge it on no deeper level and claim no higher meaning. It’s just a decent track for a random day.

That’s all for today folks. Again, thanks for reading and have a great day.



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