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Favorite Fighting Game Characters Part 5: Garou Mark of the Wolves

Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?

Hello again folks. Boy, has it been a while since the last one of these. Last time on Favorite Fighting Games, I talked about my favorites from Guilty Gear Isuka and X2.


Today, I take on an SNK legend, Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

#1. Rock Howard


Rock is, simply put, really, really cool. The fingerless gloves, the unzipped jacket with the turned up collar, the red eyes and long blonde hair. In terms of his outward appearance, many similarities can be drawn to SNK’s coolest character ever, K’.


His movements and attacks match a lot of Terry’s original moves,¬†as Rock was raised from childhood by Terry after Geese’s death. However, Rock also has moves and power which resembles his evil father. That being said, Rock has Terry’s hair flip. And as we all know, the hair flip is what matters.


Those wings are sick though… “I believe I can fly…”

#2. Terry Bogard


Oh that hair flip. Oh that bomber jacket. Oh those blue jeans. Oh those fingerless glo-… wait. Wait just a sec. I’m not leaving this one. Does SNK know how to make a character look other than adding fingerless gloves? Do they? At this point, I’m leaning strongly towards no. It’s a strong no.


That being said, I like this version of Terry a lot more than Vanilla Terry, with the red, white and blue getup. It’s just boring look in my opinion, although I can understand why that particular color balance would have been interesting that time. This version is definitely a more world-weary one, which I appreciate more. The loose hair, and rougher move set really helps to give the character a more distinguished feel.

#3. Kim Jae Hoon


Kim Jae Hoon has to be one of my favorite characters based purely on flavor. He is a fiery karate practitioner, much like his father Kim Kaphwan, a staple of the SNK-verse. However, rather than being absolutely boring like Kim (sorry Kim), Kim Jae Hoon has flavor. When he wins a round, he reaches behind him without looking and he just gets a huge kettle handed to him by some random girl, and receives a standing ovation from said girl as he drinks down the thing. And THEN, when he wins a game, he runs and sits over his downed opponent checking to see if their okay.


#4. Bonne Jenet


Bonne Jenet is all flavor. A pirate in a fighting game? That’s awesome. A pirate who enters the game by taking a swig with her crew? Even better.


Being that she is the token voluptuous character in this game, my expectations were not particularly high. However, she is a really stylish character in her movement. Her backdash has her sending a sly heart kiss toward her hapless opponent. Her retreating walk has her waving her opponent to come at her and her approaching walk has her hands behind her head in a coy stroll. Everything about her betrays a sense of cool and confidence.

#5. Freeman


Oh we have a bad man here. Everyone, this is Freeman. Freeman, say hello. Now Freeman, be polite. No, stop slashing them Freeman. SECURITY!

Freeman is an overall creepy character. The attacks are all slashes, and are based on arm slashes with the attack itself coming from his hands. However, what really creates the creepiness is the lack of movement, and the occasional shakes and jitters. Additionally, he is always looking down or his face is constantly obscured by either his hair or his own hands. He is just… weird. And scary. Oh, not to mention evil. Definitely evil.


Welp, with that, both Freeman and I say farewell. That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading and have a great day.



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