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Sound Bites: Dec 17, 2016

Quick, get your camera.

Whether by plane, train or automobile, thanks for getting yourself back here in time for another edition of sound bites. As usual, nothing special. Let’s dance!

  1. Trip Dancer, The Pillows

From The Pillows’ mellow transition period from being a sort of poor man’s Japanese version of the Beatles into the current rock and ballad vehicle they are now, Trip Dancer is a nice, calm rock song. “Mellow” is probably one of the better words to describe it, but it still keeps the usual energy of the rock that The Pillows plays, and in general this genre of music.

  1. Dare ka, Umi wo, Zankyou no Terror ED

I don’t listen to much aimer, so I didn’t know what to expect when I came across this song on a random playlist. I am now on the lookout for aimer’s music. This song knocked my socks off with its style and harsh melody. It’s a kind of sharp lament, a combination of haunting piano and aimer’s accusing vocals. It’s a real trip, I recommend a listen.

  1. Rocket, Moyashimon ED

The Polysics will never make sense to me. I’ve been studying Japanese quite a bit, and despite that, I still don’t understand these guys. However, I’ve resigned myself to that. To be completely honest, I am quite happy not understanding the lyrics. It maybe helps me appreciate the music for musics sake, often to the chagrin or confusion of my peers who often get really caught up by the fact that the vocals sound weird or incomprehensible. Bands like Maximum the Hormone or Wagdug Futuristic Unity are other examples where I am quite happy just enjoying the idiosyncratic nature of the singing and allowing the crazy music to just flow into my ears.

As usual folks. Just do the drill. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



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