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Top 1000 Anime Songs – Part 14: Ra-Zee-Fun! Part 3

What time is it?


Hello folks. It has been a while.

I am not dead. That should be made clear right now.

For those of you unacquainted with this series, this is my top 1000 anime songs list. I am currently in the process of of reviewing the third of 3 albums from the Rahxephon soundtrack as part of the countdown. Check out the other installments on the Top 1000 Anime songs page. Today’s review of OST 3 will be different, as I am not going to go into detail about each song, this will just be a list.

And now, without further ado, let’s go!

#895. “Guten Morgen” by Ichiko Hashimoto

#894. “Innocent World” by Ichiko Hashimoto

#893. “Dense Blue Water” by Ichiko Hashimoto

#892. “Reverse Point” by Ichiko Hashimoto

#891. “Previous Notice” by Ichiko Hashimoto

Oh boy, was that ever tough to write. Gee, no wonder I take so long to come out with these lists!

Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day!


Oh wait, one more thing. I thought I would add some extra pics of the albums which I thought were kinda cool. The first and second OST’s are actually a single picture, while the third OST actually comes out from in between the the two. Check it out:



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