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Introducing “Comic Tracker”

Reader Rabbit

Hello again folks. It’s me again, bringing a new segment to the site. I mentioned this in my last post, the first Site Update. I wanted to restart some sort of comic book review segment to replace the short-lived Weekly Comic Review that I started in late 2016. The main problem is that the schedule was too tight (yes, even weekly is too much to ask of my erratic mind). I’ve opted to have no set schedule for my new segment.

And now, to what that new segment is. “Comic Tracker” is essentially a review/journal where I catalog my experience reading different series. When I read a new series, the way I begin depends on a lot of things. If the comic has been out for a while, I will check out the TPB’s first (trade paperbacks, collections which contain a small number of usually consecutive issues). If there is no merit to getting the TPB (price is high for what it has in it, relative to the price of just getting the individual issues), I will just buy the individual issues. The reason I explain this is because even something as trivial as the packaging affects the reading experience and how you interpret the book itself. It puts you in a different mindset.

The way I read the book is essentially the crux of this new segment. With “Comic Tracker”, I will choose a series, and read the first TPB, issue etc. depending on what the situation may be. I will then judge based on that alone whether it is worth it to continue reading the series. Now, that may sound completely unfair, but there are a couple of reason I am doing this. First, I really want to diversify my comics library. Overall, I am really not a huge comics guy, with respect to what is currently coming out. I am pretty knowledgeable regarding most things nerd, and that includes the rather wide spread of both DC and Marvel. I’ve read my fair share of Superman and Spider-man comics back in the day, and I’ve watched quite a few of the animated shows from both of the big brands. However, while I have read a bunch of titles from the non-super hero publishers like Image, I really want to get the chance to delve into the huge expanse of comics that are coming out now. I feel like there are just so many great comics coming out that I am not in touch with, simply because it’s a world I have no experience in. This segment will give me the chance to dip my toes into many pools, and hopefully it will bring to light a lot of series that you, the reader, haven’t heard of either.

Second, I am not made of money. I am not going to start a series by buying 12 books to catch up. It is from an economically grounded standpoint that I decided to make a judgement at every reasonable checkpoint about whether to continue onward. There is no point in investing time and money past a point. I am not a sunk-cost thinker. If I get 13 volumes into a series, if I find that it is not going anywhere any time soon, I will drop it.

Third, despite the wording of my previous statement, I will not immediately drop something if it is just bad. If I read a single beginning issue, I won’t drop it right away if I feel there is potential. Even if the first volume is lacking, if I feel there is potential that is hinted at, I will follow the trail. This segment is not meant to just have me jump into many things and then quickly jump out because of fear and penny-pinching. I genuinely want to try many different comics and give them all a chance. We will see how it goes.

Alright, that’s all I think. I really hope you enjoy this new series, and the first few posts for Comic Tracker will be out soon. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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